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  • Just like our webside, also our plantation is under renovation
  • Status of the plantation:
  • Area cleaned and weeds removed
  • Fertilizer production is initialized... For the moment only for own use
  • New trees ordered... 1500 Indian Trees
  • Still looking for hybrid coconut seedlings
  • Jona O eco plantation will reintroduce the Mindanao Gum tree

Jona O eco plantation...we have a mission

A new approach to farming is needed to safeguard human health and avoid rising air and water pollution, high greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss. The solution is to diversify agriculture and re-orient it around ecological practices.


Negative environmental impacts of the coconut industry can also be traced directly back to the coconut farms themselves. As with other trends or fads in foods, mono-culture farming has become an issue in areas where coconuts are grown. As the coconut tree ages, it becomes less productive. This motivates farmers to plant more and more coconut trees to maintain a constantly stream of product. Replacing native plants and biodiversity to meet the demand for coconuts, can take a major toll on the soil, leading farmers to turn to chemical fertilizers to boost their productivity.


Also the coconut oil extraction is nowadays harsh for the environment coconut copra is heated over open fires to gain as much as possible oil, leading to significant air pollution and the loss of valuable organic material.


Here is where Jona O eco plantation will make a difference.

Social, by the employment of local laborers, educating them and make them aware of alternative ecological coconut farming procedures.

Ecological, nothing of our coconuts and coconut trees is waisted. Non edible parts of the coconut return, after composting, back to the plantation as fertilizing product reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. We produce virgin coconut oil by means of cold pressing this way we get a pure healthy oil for use as cooking oil and/or cosmetics (1).

Biodiversity, our plantation is a habitat for more then only coconut trees, around 300  Falcata trees, 50 recently planted Mindanao Gum trees (almost extinguished in Mindanao), together with 1500  Indian trees surrounding the perimeter of the plantation.


(1) Jona O eco plantation will soon launch it own line of ecological virgin coconut oil based cosmetic products.


Read more of our developments in the products and news section.

Executive Village - Badong Subdivision

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Jona O eco plantation

Executive Village

Badong subdivision

Purok 2, Carangan

Ozamiz City, 7200

Jona O eco plantation

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